1133 is the year of the first Bartholomew Fair, a four-day London Burning Man that ran for over 700 years, where you could both enjoy a hanging and gorge on delicious meat.  A street food / Coachella / capital punishment mashup that is sadly missed.  Everyone went – regular fun-loving folks, sex workers, members of the House of Lords and other gangsters.  In 1614, Ben Jonson wrote a highly experimental play about Bartholomew Fair, and for the purpose of clarity called it Bartholomew Fair.  It’s long and the print is tiny but trust us, it’s a heady brew of meta-commentary on play-writing and what it means to be an audience, it’s about racism, gender tension, puppets and puritan moral panic.  

1133 is a new fashion brand.  Launched 890 years after the first Fair.  You’re invited to sit front row at their catwalk show.  Everything unfolds around you in this immersive, couture experience in four gorgeous pop-up venues in the City of London.  Like the 1614 play this is a state of the nation piece, but with the addition of high glamour and party vibez.  1133 is about performance, culture wars, gender tension and puritan moral panic.  It’s also fantastic entertainment.  

Note: does not contain capital punishment.