Week 11 – 14 March 2014 – Dare Not To Worry

A challenge and an upbeat one at that.  I saw the quite strange documentary about Marilyn Monroe called Love, Marilyn which uses extracts from her personal writings.


This sentence jumped out at me.  It’s not referred to in the film – just scanned over at the start.  I thought it was a great task she had set herself.  I love the idea of daring yourself not to worry.  It’s almost childish and yet it’s profound.

So I wrote this cheery little song about scaring the monsters that scare you, and daring to push through worry to what lies underneath, which might just be not much.  Hurray!


Lyrics: Dare Not To Worry

I dare you not to worry

The shouting is the easy part
Veins on the neck
The tutting and the muttering
The strained voice and the shouting is the easy part

Bravery faces down the pain
And tickes it’s tummy
The monsters are ugly, true
But they can be persuaded to smile at you

Slip the demons a wink and they’ll slink off in a blink
It’s bravery but not as we know it
There’s no heroics just a knowing
That you get through the tingle of resistance
Exquisite unpleasant and persistent
The feeling dead if you’re not feeling worried
Then you’re through and it’s just you

I dare you not to worry

If you dare then worry will live elsewhere
It doesn’t stay where it’s never fed
Worry is hungry
And worry is touchy
Sad part is
Worry gets worried

I dare you not to worry

The pretty lady wrote it down
She must have believed it somehow
Don’t know if she ever did it
Knowing that she tried is what makes her beautiful


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