Week 15 – 11 April 2014 – Sweeping the Ashes

A song about grief and trying to erase some of the tangible evidence.

All true.


Sweeping the Ashes

The thing that leaves me nonplussed is not that it burns
But after all that heat
After all that change
So much remains

I burnt your picture
Always loved that picture
I still have it of course
Burnt the copy I made to go on the wall
To show the first man I loved after you were a long time gone
He couldn’t have all of me
That I was still yours
And so were the walls
The post was delayed it arrived the same day he did
I was seen to change the picture
The subtle suggestion that I was still grieving
More like shouting
He heard

I burnt your picture
Tonight burnt your picture
It felt right
I thought it all eaten in the flames
But the shock is, how much remains


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