I Refuse To Die In 2016

A 2016 Christmas message from country music icon Tina C.



Tina is expressing tension that there are only a few days left of the year and she really really doesn’t want to die in those remaining days and be a 2016 also-died.

Hope you find this message a fitting tribute to the past year. I’m sure you’ll agree that Tina’s compassion and concern for others is in tune with the political spirit abroad in the world at the moment.

Here are the lyrics….

I refuse to die in 2016
If you ain’t a celebrity you won’t know what I mean
Going any year is enough to make you pissed
But who the hell wants to expire at the bottom of a long long list

I refuse to leave til the billing’s premium
If the grim reaper calls I’m a gonna make a deal with him
I’m fixing to depart a big fish in a small dead pond
Wanna be a big fat carp with minnows floating all around

I refuse to die in 2016
A flash in an Oscar’s montage ain’t good enough for me
I’m timing my untimely end when there’s a scheduled A-list lull
Not lost in the killing fields of a celebrity Kool Aid cull

I’ve planned my career with vice like obsession
Controlled every detail like demonic possession
So you think I’m gonna fall at the wrong final fence
And die an also lived – makes no PR sense
I’m gonna release my final breath then release a statement
Top of Fox and CNN a once in a lifetime death event

You gotta plan, unlike Lady Diane
Who had to share with Ma Thersea
None can compete with a saintly nun
But Farah Fawcett tried with Michael Jackson
That’s just plain dumb dumb dumb

I refuse to die in 2016
Nothing less than marquee billing is good enough for me
Hell I just thought of a way better plan
And no it ain’t getting myself cryongencially frozen
No I’m gonna life forever
Fame, I’m gonna learn how to fly
Fame, what you get is in the limo
Fame, what you get is no tomorrow
I thought Fame meant you never die.