FeelPlay is the new show by Christopher Green

FeelPlay is a brand-new concept in modern, accessible wellness.  It’s for adults only, but it’s not rude!  It’s simply an invitation to find that child-like joy in a playground especially made for grown-ups.

We Play – Do You Play?

FeelPlay is an initiative supported by 100s of government departments including DoFRa and DuPlEx, and exciting start-ups BrainFreaze and MindFulfilled.

FeelPlay is an exciting new innovation in playing your way to great mental health!  It’s for adults only.  Sorry kids!  Sometimes play is just too serious to leave to the little ones.  We’ve got an award-winning APP and a multi-award-winning playground designed specially to help adults remember how to play.  FeelPlay is supported by a myriad of organisations both governmentally and in the private spectrum, who all work together to encourage you and you alone to take responsibility for YOUR mental health!

FeelPlay is

  • A 25 minute long show for 25 people
  • A 25 minute long audio experience, accessed through the FeelPlay app for as many people who want to give it a try, either at the festival or in your own personal & private time.

FeelPlay is the new creation by immersive theatre maestro, Christopher Green, who has won awards and great acclaim for making the kind of show where you join in, have fun and then start to question the world around you.  This satire on the wellness industry both questions a specific kind of mental-health provision whilst delivering a genuinely feel-good and empowering experience. FeelPlay is produced by Time Won’t Wait.