The Home: an experiential entertainment about residential care

The Home

The Home is an experiential durational piece of theatre made by writer/performer Christopher Green in collaboration with Entelechy Theatre Company, drawing on their several years of shared work with older people.

The Home creates an old people’s home, retirement village, assisted living unit, sheltered accommodation.  Call it what you will, we all know what we’re talking about.  The audience are invited to spend two nights in The Home.  They are the cared for, the patients, the service users, the prisoners, the pampered.  Call them what you will, we all know who we’re talking about.

This is set in a venue where there are enough small rooms to create a series of individual bedrooms for 30 people and some larger communal rooms.  This is either a real care home, either brand new or decommissioned, or a student union or hostel.

The staff are artists who all live in this kind of facility.  They are the collaborators who have co-created this piece.  They spend the first twenty four hours replicating the kind of behaviour that they have experienced for themselves.  Good, bad, messy, indifferent, ill-thought-through, wonderful.  The varying degrees of care or not care that working within a capitalist framework that demands care is seen to be given and shareholders are seen to be paid.

After 24 hours a transformation occurs.  The staff begin to change personality, the building to shape-shift.  The dystopian present becomes a utopian possibility.  There is a vision of how things could be.  How small changes bring big rewards.  Of course, some people still aren’t happy.  And this leads to a discussion of the grown up nature of what we are dealing with.  These are harsh realities.  Old age isn’t for sissies.  But dreaming, risk-taking and a desire to transcend the possible is the job of art and artists.  The Home intends to push every boundary in your two night stay.  And you’ll definitely have to play Bingo.


This large scale theatrical presentation will be staged in the UK in Spring 2019 with international stagings starting in 2020.