Jedd O’Sullivan

Dr Jedd O’Sullivan, US cultural critic and Art History author, offers insightful philosophical analysis of human behaviour and politics in today’s world, focusing on PoMo PoMu PoCu (post-modern pop-music and popular culture).

If you’re lucky, you can catch one of his lectures at the Tate galleries, the V&A, the Barbican Art Gallery, the National Theatre or the Science Museum.

“A bespectacled academic strides up to the lectern and introduces himself as Dr Jedd O’Sullivan of New York, major academic talent and internationally podcast art guru. He begins to talk inspired, almost credible, cobblers about hermeneutic cultural theory, with lines such as “for every R. D. Laing there is a k. d. lang, for every Emin an Eminem.  He is so convincing that some of the audience at first took it seriously: the script is hilarious, tight, fluent and knowledgeable about the paintings, but fabulously spurious. It waxes in self-important lunacy
         THE TIMES about Jedd O’Sullivan at Tate Britain 

Here’s Jedd talking about the 40 year anniversary of Abba winning Waterloo.  He tours Brighton UK, looking at the interaction the group had with the city, deconstructs their lyrics and celebrates the night they changed Popular Culture forever.


Jedd was commissioned to make a film about the cultural significance of Balham in South London.  This mind-altering motion picture resulted…..