An experiential entertainment about pornography addiction….

In this immersive theatre piece by Christopher Green, you are invited to attend a fictional self-help group and take a playful look at how we consume sex and pornography

Prurience questions our understanding of the effects of porn to ask whether we’re in the grip of a real addiction or a moral panic?

Best known for his experiential performances, including Office PartyVIPThe Dresser and The Frozen Scream, as well as creating the legendary Tina C and Ida Barr, Christopher Green is first and foremost an entertainer. Expect witty observations, surprises and more than a few laughs.

Here comes the science bit: Prurience has been created with support from The Wellcome Trust – that’s right, Chris has interviewed neuroscientists, sociologists, addiction experts and therapists. It’s about more than the contents of his hard drive.

Christopher Green answers some FAQs:

Is this a serious piece of theatre?
Yes, and it’s got really good jokes.

I don’t like porn – should I come?

I love porn – should I come?

I have no opinion on porn – should I come?
Yes. This show is ostensibly about pornography addiction but in reality is as much about social media, capitalism, and over consumption of everything and ultimately the hope that we can all find a way to take control.

Will I have to say anything out loud?
Not if you don’t want to.

Did the writer just spend months watching filth?
Well, he spent years talking to neuroscientists, sociologists, addiction experts and therapists with the help of the Wellcome Trust. You’ll have to ask him about the filth.

Will Christopher Green be in it?

Will he be clothed? 
Yes. And so will everyone else.