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I have had a long creative relationship with BBC Radio 4. Many of the pieces I have made for them are available online in various places, some free and some available to purchase on iTunes. Just recently I have developed a personal style combining personal narrative, drama, interview and the legacy of a famous person, this started with Like An Angel Passing Through My Room and continued with Encounter.

Encounter was first broadcasting in August 2013 and is about fashion, grief and music, using the life of Yves Saint Laurent as a starting point. The BBC website says:

In 1971, Yves Saint Laurent stripped naked for a revolutionary photograph. In 2002, he retired from fashion, declaring that after a lifetime of international fame, he’d learned that the greatest encounter in life is with oneself. In 2013, Christopher Green took his pants off in Wembley to recreate that famous shot, at the start of a very personal encounter with fashion, fame, love, loss and legacy. Expect songs, laughs, some of your actual French, a sizeable amount of nudity, a few tears, and the story of three missing men.

Like An Angel Passing Through My Room is about meeting Frida from ABBA and much more besides. The BBC website says:

This is a story about love. The unconditional love of a devoted fan. At a party Christopher Green meets Anni-Frid Lyngstad aka Frida from Abba. He is the after dinner entertainment. She is a party guest. What starts as a ‘I’m your biggest fan’ conversation turns into a long chat about the nature of loving someone you’ve never met. From Olivier award-winning writer Christopher Green. This is a project several years in the making; what started as an upbeat reflection on fame and the notion of being a fan, developed into a meditation on the communication between two people and coping with the blows life deals. Green’s partner died shortly after recording the interview with Frida, in which they talked about her long recovery from the death of her husband in 1999. This play is deeply personal and reflective but with a firmly comic sensibility. The journey takes in life and death, and some of the territory in between, with a heavy emphasis on pop music.

Previous plays for Radio 4

The Second Best Bed A monologue about having children, or not having children starring Caroline Quentin.

None of the Above A play about intersex people.

The End of the Pier A couple whose relationship is in crisis take a walk to the end of Southend Pier.

Generation Electric 80s pop music, fame, disappointment, and triumph.

Comedy series for Radio 4

Tina C’s The Empire Strikes Back – a history of the Commonwealth will be broadcast during the Commonwealth Games in July 2014

  • Tina C’s Global Depression Tour
  • Tina C’s Election Night BBQ
  • Tina C’s Australasian Tour
  • Tina C’s State of the Union Tour

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