Tina C

From the moment her second album No Dick’s As Hard As My Life was released, the world took notice of country music singer Tina C. Since then she has become a global brand. Following 9/11 she has been travelling the world 24/11 working for peace and being a poster girl for American democracy, selling that unique vision of hope to the rest of the world whether they want it or not. Seductive and persuasive, she is here to recruit you to her world view. She is the living embodiment (and what a body) of soft power. Tina C. has performed in venues all over the world from London’s Albert Hall to Sydney’s Opera House.  She has had her own TV show and five series on BBC Radio.  You can run but you can’t hide from Tina C.

New Show for 2018!

Tina C. 20:20 Vision

Tina C is the multi-award-winning country music singer who went from white trash almost to the White House. In her sensational autobiography ‘Complete and Utter Country’ she outlined her two failed bids for the presidency. In this new show she reflects on being John the Baptist to Trump’s Jesus Christ, which is something she is not pleased about. How much does Donald J. owe to Tina C?

She gave the world the idea that deluded self-made billionaires should rule instead of politicians, and she’s not missing out next time. Come and witness a woman whose time has come!

Tina C: Herstory

Tina recently published her second volume of autobiography.  It’s a Herstory entitled Complete and Utter Country.  Tina will be promoting the book at various appearances throughout the year.  Signup below to receive exclusive news on when the book will be available in your territory.

Herstory front cover

Tina C in action

Tina C’s YouTube channel There are many many clips of Tina in action. Let yourself go but don’t OD on TC!

You maybe should start with Tina’s classic hit Schizophrenic

Special mention goes to Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word, Tina’s Australian show about the relationship between Indigenous and non-Indigenous relationships in that nation.  Nominated for many awards and very highly critically regarded, this show is a powerful call for change, whilst telling jokes and singing country music songs.