Hello I’m Kit / Christopher

“Part politician, part shaman, part sociologist, part healer, but you’ll happily only focus on the fact that they are an entertainer”  The Guardian

Christopher (Kit) Green is a non-binary multi-award winning performer and writer who has appeared all over the world, works for the biggest cultural institutions in the UK, and has nice hair.

“There are two ways of entertaining an audience.  You can either do a show at them.  Or with them.  And with them is the best way”  Ken Dodd

I am an entertainer. I do this through writing and performing. I do lots of very varied projects because I’m lucky enough to be able to follow my interests and make work about them. It seems that I’m interested in lots of things.

All of my work involves encouraging the audience to get involved – directly in the case of my experiential work or as Ida Barr leading the Hokey Cokey – but indirectly I always encourage some kind of response from simply leaning in to take more notice, to getting up and taking some action.  Everything comes down to entertainment. It’s my way of doing things. There are lots of others and I like a lot of them, but for me, I need to give you a few gags, some songs, some wry observations and some showbiz skills to justify taking up your time.

Pronouns: they/them

Christopher Green Biog Sept 2021

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“Christopher Green’s Tina C is one of the great comic creations of the age. A genuinely fine country singer, but with a twist of satire and insight which is rare and to be highly prized”   Stephen Fry

“Working on a script by Christopher Green is as good as it gets. His writing is funny, insightful and has a delicacy that puts it in a class of its own. His work is rather like the man himself, very funny and really rather beautiful” Caroline Quentin

“Christopher Green’s work is funny and intelligent”  Bjorn Ulvaeus and Benny Andersson

“Tina C is one of my favourite performers. She is witty, often outrageous and always in tune! I can’t wait to see what Chris Green comes up with next”   Sir Ian McKellan

“Part politician, part shaman, part sociologist, part healer, but you’ll happily only focus on the fact that he’s an entertainer”  The Guardian

“The most intelligent man to come out of the UK since Stephen Fry” The Australian

“An entertainment maverick”  The Guardian